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Welcome to Touch the Technology@Marist!

Touch the Technology@Marist is a hands-on experience and is the actual technology used in over 1,000 online and web-enhanced courses here at Marist!

Geared towards the Marist iLearn newcomer or to those unfamiliar with a learning management system, Touch the Technology@Marist displays how easy it is to use iLearn.

Whether you're a child is high school student looking to begin an undergraduate degree, an adult learner with apprehension about his or her time away from the classroom, or simply a student lacking confidence in his or her technological experience, Touch the Technology is here for you.

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The left hand frame contains a sample of the tools used in an online or web enhanced classroom.  

The professor decides which ones they will need to fully communicate the course materials.  

In this sample course, we will walk you through a few of the tools a professor may use to help the student understand the course materials. 

Let's begin! Online courses usually begin with the Syllabus or a Lesson, Unit, or Module.  

Let's start by reviewing the sample Syllabus.

Click the Syllabus button Syllabus Icon  on the left hand frame to review the requirements of this course.  

After reviewing a sample syllabus, click Lesson 1 from the left hand frame to move forward. 

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Should you have any questions about this site or online learning at Marist College, just click here to  send us an email or comment using the tool below:


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