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  Below are several links to other tools and how they can be used. 

  Click on the link or button and learn more about the tools iLearn has to offer!

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Forums! (What are they anyway?) 

A forum is an area where students can discuss topics related to the course, work on team projects and have a conversation with your peers or professor. 

Since you are not a user yet in our system, you cannot post in forums but click the link below for a preview!

AssignmentsClick to collapse

Okay, but how about submitting a paper or presentation?

Your professors might use the assignment tool to collect an assignment in the digital environment. This allows them to set due dates and parameters as well as to collect files in one location.

This might be used to collect papers, documents, presentations and other various files, typically for a grade.

Click here to read more about assignments and to preview an example.

Test and QuizzesClick to collapse

Tests and Quizzes  (They're not as bad as you think!)

Tests and quizzes are tools used to gauge your understanding of the subject so far.  

Let's try a college exam!

Click on the link below to preview a college exam to give you an idea of how this works in iLearn. 

Once you click the link above, you will be able to start the "exam." Don't worry! It's only one question!

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