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Lesson 1:    

This is a sample lesson. The instructor shares the steps to understand the course material such as videos, articles, lecture notes.  

Example Lesson 1:  Teamwork

What is Teamwork? 
team·work   noun:  teamwork ; noun:  team work

According to Merriam Webster,  "Teamwork" is the " combined action of a group of people, especially when effective and efficient".

Now, watch the below video for humorous instruction on ineffective teamwork. 

This is a sample of content from an actual MPA course. This is a content subpage, build right into this lesson.


Please take a moment to view the video on the right for a short introduction to iLearn at Marist.

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How do I access key resources?

Professors have a few options. They can build links directly into this page...or they might direct your attention to the resources tool on the left.  We have done both in this course to allow you to preview both options. Take a look!

Sometimes, an instructor might require you to navigate directly to the resources tool. 

You can click this tool from the left menu to preview some examples.

Your instructor can also add links to external sites. You'll see one in the left menu directly to our Admissions website.

They can embed them on a page too! Check out this one below.  



Ready for the next steps? Move on to "Lesson 2" by selecting it from the left hand frame. 

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